Sunday, October 11, 2009

~ Raw Cream Cheese ~

Another new recipe and this one was a hit !!

I decided to try a different kind of nut and used macadamia nuts to make my cream cheese. I wasn't so sure what to expect and it was a nice surprise to taste this creation. Wow this really tastes just like cream cheese....

Before I began making this recipe, I soaked my nuts for about eight hours to cause the enzyme inhibitors to be removed. This made these macadamia nuts more nutritious and more digestable.

Once the nuts were blended I added about half a cup of filtered water. I then added all my other ingredients. First was the fresh lemon juice. I find lemon juice helps the flavours of the individual ingredients to blend together.

I then added onion, garlic, sea salt, nutritional yeast, Herbmare and other seasonings....

To offset the smokey flavour I then added some red bell pepper which really worked well....

This is what it looked like after I had processed all the ingredients. I decided to put the cheese in the fridge overnight to let the flavour really set in.

What a great meal this is. It's very filling so I wouldn't recommend eating this before going for a work out. I say this because I was planning on going to the gym this morning and now I need to wait a few hours. The best food to have before going to the gym is a glass of green juice which is light on your stomach and will give you loads of energy.

Next time I am off to the gym I will bring some cream cheese and celery sticks . After doing heavy weights it is good to eat something that has a combination of protien, fat and carbs.

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  1. This looks amazing! I love nut cheeses, thank you so much for the recipe.