Thursday, October 15, 2009

~ Dandelion Healing Salad ~

Dandelion greens is one of my most favorite green to add to a salad. I never would have thought this a year ago, but now I faithfully eat these highly detoxing greens every week. One salad usually will last me at most two days. Most of the time I will eat the whole salad through out the day.

I usually make this salad ahead of time and let it sit overnight. Dandelion greens are bitter and letting them sit in the lemon juice and olive oil softens them. I add other ingredients to balance the bitterness with some sweetness. Believe it or not, red onion actually tastes sweet if you let it sit in the salad for at least twelve hours.

Salads on their own do not satisfy you so adding some healthy fat and vegan protein can completely satisfy your hunger.

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