Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~ Micro Green Salad ~

I really enjoyed this salad made with micro greens. I used watercress, evidine, arugula, baby spinach, radish leaves and sliced radishes.

You can't see the sunflower seeds in my photos, but I threw a handful of those on top with some seasonings.

Olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, freeze-dried basil and a little herbmare.

I always like to let it set for at least an hour to marinate the leafy greens.

The colors of veggies seem so brilliant when put together with the right napkin or tablecloth.

I just placed the salad in an ice cream dish to make it look a little different and appealing.

Oh I just love veggies !!

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  1. Do you grow your own produce? I noticed in my garden the endive i planted is poking through the dirt. I've never grown it, so i'm excited to see if it does well here. Arugula is winter hardy and i'm already able to pick it. I didnt know it would survive the winter, specially the harsh one we had. Looking forward to your posted recipes.....:-)