Monday, January 4, 2010

~ Raw Sweet Potato Chips ~

These sweet potato chips were the first attempt. They need some work, but they were still surprisingly good. I added a little Herbmare and some olive oil and set them in the dehydrator for twelve hours.

I tried some with olive oil and some without. The ones with olive oil took longer to dehydrate and appeared darker in color.

I actually loved them sliced raw with a little flavour. My son said they tasted interesting which meant they were good. Next time I will try beet chips and see how they turn out.

They don't seem to have the same crunch a potato chip has, but I need to remind myself these are not supposed to be junk food. Raw food is different than cooked. I will continue to work on them and hope to come up with something rawesome.

They were so similar to look at because they curled just like a regular potato chip. I think they are beautiful.

I brought a container of these chips to the gym to munch and I noticed people were looking with curiosity.

Isn't raw food fun and exciting?? !! (:


  1. Yes!!!! Raw food is fun and exciting. It is also exciting to see pictures of what others are making. These sweet potato chips look great! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your story.

  2. Also try making some zucchini chips in your food dehydrator. Both beter than fried potato!

  3. Wow, it looks awesome! Congrats for the recipes!