Sunday, January 10, 2010

~ Raw Pizza ~

I have been working really hard the last month on my e-book which I hope will be done in March. When I was going through all my recipes I discovered I had many recipes that are considered Italian dishes. I decided to make my first book on RAW Italian foods.

Everyone asks what to have for dinner and Italian foods are very popular answer. Eating RAW Italian foods will encourage those loved ones who shy away from raw foods to give it a chance.

Both my husband and son love these dishes which makes me very happy. I have come up with a pizza crust recipe, raw pizza sauce and spice mix which I just love and very excited about.

For this particular pizza I just put some sauce on the crust and layered it with vine tomatoes, white onion rings, zucchini slices, Parmesan cheese and loads of freeze- dried basil.

The only problem I have is waiting long enough for the crusts to completely dry before we eat them. It smells so delicious I end up pulling out the pizza crusts too early. These pizzas remind me of what I am like with kale chips. These are !


  1. YUM! I just made raw pizza the other night but it didn't turn out half as beautiful as yours. That looks out of this world delicious.

  2. What do you make your parmesan cheese out of Terri?

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words !! My Parm cheese will be in my e-book that will be published in March. I can't wait to have all my recipe's available !! (:Xo

  4. Sorry, but I'm not understanding exactly what the crust is made of. It looks wonderful, but I want to get it right!