Saturday, July 11, 2009

~ Watermelon Smoothie ~

Watermellon is a highly alkaline fruit. It is a very hydrating food and should not be eaten with other foods. Proper food combinging is very important to ensure the smooth digestion. Fruit is best eaten on it's own. It is a great way to begin a meal and causes a type of funnel for the other foods afterwards to be digested. Most people traditionally after a large meal eat fruit for a healthy alternative. This is a huge mistake and will cause a lot of abdominal cramping. The ( SAD) has typically a large meal for supper that includes animal proiten and starchy foods followed with fruit as dessert. Animal protien takes minimum of four hours to digest with fruit ontop which would normally take only 15-25 min. This causes fermentation and rotting in the gut which encourages yeast and fungus.

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