Friday, July 10, 2009

~ Benefits of Red Clover ~

When I was young I would pick these and pull the pink petals and bite their ends. They taste very sweet just like honey. I called them honey suckels; now when I see them I will be sure to eat the whole flower..

Red Clover has been used traditionally to treat respiratory and skin problems, today it is of most interest in menopause and in the prevention of breast cancer because of its strong concentration of natural plant estrogen. Red clover's phytoestrogens, the plant world's equivalents of human female estrogen, preform functions in the body similar to those of natural and synthetic estrogens, relieving menopause and menstruation related problems and perhaps protecting against osteoporosis and cancer of the breast, colon and prostate. At the root of red clovers attributes are an impressive array of vitamins, and trace minerals in synergy with many active medical compounds.

Although red clover has a strong following among herbalists as a blood purifying alterative and anticancer agent and has been used safely and effectively for hundreds, if not thousands of years, little scientific study has been done.

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  1. I used to pull the pink petals and suck on their ends to get that sweet taste as a kid. I never knew they had those benefits...that's amazing.