Wednesday, July 18, 2012

~ Along the Eastern Ocean Shore ~

Love the ocean waves majestic!!

There is nothing like being outside in the summer. All the green , fresh air especially along the ocean shore.

The salt air is filled with minerals we need to help strengthen our bodes. It has as well a negative change which also helps out nervous systems.

I have not realized what we allow into our minds and our thought how they can effect our health.

Taking in all the creation around us is so good for us and gives us a better sense of self awareness and spiritual awakening..... we need this quiet time to reflect and kind of clean the mind. I consider it sort of a mental detox,

 The sunlight is so good for our minds and helps deal with depression. it is good if you can get out at least 20 min each day preferably early in the morning around ten . Really focus on what you see and breathe deeply into the abdomen for a count of five and out through the nose for a count of five.

 Another thing that is great to do first thing in the morning is to drink a liter of filtered water add some cucumber slices or squeezed lime. Then get out for a little while then have your breakfast.

 These shots are beautiful. My son took then he enjoys photography as well.

 Get to the beach or get outside and do something new today that you have been putting off.
the right choices we make today create a better tomorrow !

 Terri Jyl xoxo

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