Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#RedefiningSexy: Is Motherhood Sexy? Pole Dancing 12/12/12

Presenting a liberating beautiful video of the God Given RIGHT to celebrate your femininity !!
Feeling free to be a woman is a huge part of the RAW earthy lifestyle !!  Enhancing health and lifestyle in all aspects of your life creates wellness. It is what we eat, drink, breathe, express, except, forgive, LOVE and celebrate !!

Inspired by the famous Sheila Kelley

79% of mothers suffer from personal, emotional and physical challenges including low self-esteem. SHARE THIS VIDEO IF YOU AGREE IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE! Motherhood is SEXY. Mommies are beautiful! #RedefiningSexy #12/12/12
WATCH and SHARE !!!!!
Slow fluid movement helps you to be self aware of your body, except it, love it and to express what is inside your Soul.....
to feel Free and naturally Feminine ....

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